Local SEO | Google’s Quick Way To The Top 3 Pack

Local SEO – The Easy & Quick Way To Rank [Infographics]

In 2017, Local SEO is vitally important for local business owners to get the best placement on Google for their best keywords including appearing in the Google Local SEO map “top 3 map pack.”

You can achieve your local SEO goals if you include your location in Google My Business, use appropriate landing pages with proper local keywords in the META Titles, headers and content.

Ratings and reviews, as well as, consistent listings in local citation directories are also key.

Learn Local SEO and advanced SEO from the infographics below and you will beat your competition. Or feel free to contact me.

Local SEO Infographics


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Top Google SEO Ranking Factors Checklist

What are the top SEO ranking factors?

We know that quality links are still the number one factor and RankBrain is number 3, but what are the others?

One of the better Google Search Engine Optimization ranking factor Checklist.  Important SEO aspects covered include Mobile-Friendliness, META Title Tags, Authoritative content with 1000-2000 words, fast site speed, local SEO rankings and more.

Google Ranking Factors Checklist Backlinko

A fine addition to a great infographic, top 200 Google Search Engine Ranking factors as well as my list of SEO ranking factors.

Google tracks how people search, what they search for, the device they search on and ways they will soon be searching in the future. Voice queries are next up.

Best advice I can give to gain excellent SEO is to have a  fast, clean, mobile-friendly site and publish amazing content.  Cooperating with Google’s guidelines is the #1 step to excellent SEO,


Benefits of Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO

Local SEO: 4 Major Google Benefits

Local SEO can give your website traffic that generates local sales leads. Optimize your website for the local SEO can give you huge benefits and advantages in Google.

People are using their phone to search and purchase. More people used their phone to search on Google than a computer. Being highly ranked locally can be an SEO win. The are four big benefits to optimizing your website for Google’s local results.

Using Local SEO makes your website more competitive

It’s difficult and expensive to rank for broad search keywords like “pet shop.” It’s also harder when your business’s primary audience is regional. Most consumer by from a 15-mile radius from their home.

Instead of targeting broad, high-traffic keywords, target local keywords like “pet shop Boise ” and you’ll deal with SEO competition that’s far less tough for your business to deal with.

Going local means you’ll attract a targeted audience.

Local SEO is easier than broad SEO The traffic you’ll generate by targeting and ranking for local and regional keywords is valuable.

Since your main revenue comes from local purchasers targeting local search results in more sales.

Local SEO helps you appear in Google’s top 3 local pack

Having your business use Google My Business and Google Maps can result in larger amounts of traffic and sales.

Searchers are entering more localized search terms. Getting your website on top of the organic results by being inGoogle’s top 3 local pack means you’ll get exposure and more business.

Local SEO also means using a close by SEO consultant or freelancer

Instead of dealing with an SEO agency by using a consultant or freelancer save money and gives you a lot more attention and support than a big agency provides. You will get more attention, focus, opportunities feedback, marketing, and support.

Is local SEO the right choice?

Local search traffic generates sales leads and your business can use to grow.

Local SEO could be the growth strategy you’ve been looking for.