Top Keyword Tools and Websites 2016

Top Keyword Tools and Websites

Here is the scoop…as of 5/21/2016.
Decided to compile a list of Keyword Websites & Tools similar to a post I created yesterday with information on the leading Search Engine Optimization Competitive websites.
It took me less than an hour to compile the Keyword list and to find out which Keyword Tools were free, paid or paid with limited free trials.
I tested each website I found and thought I had compiled a decent list.
Then I come across a post on  It turns out this blogger spent way more time than I did researching and mining LinkedIn groups for Keyword Website and Tool options than I did and eventually his list grew to over 100!
So, below it my list with my Keyword Tool research and at the bottom is a link to 100+ different Keyword Websites and Tools.  As far as I know all you need to do is give the blogger your name and email address and you get instant access to his page.
So get going, start doing some Long Tail Keyword or Local competitive research so you can crush your competition in organic search or PPC.  Thanks for reading!


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